Puppy One to One

Puppy One to One – puppies up to 24 weeks of age

The initial session will be conducted via Zoom from the comfort and security of your own home. Full Zoom support is provided free of charge, including a practice session, if required.

These sessions will be individually tailored to your puppy and are a great way to start training straightaway without having to wait until puppy is fully vaccinated.

A puppy’s first few weeks with his new family should be all about building that foundation on which your special bond and relationship can flourish, so that you can both live your best lives together.

That is why All Ears K9s training concentrates on teaching puppy the happiness that comes through experiences with you, such as play, exploration, meeting new friends politely, treats and all the good stuff that life has to offer just by being around you.

Your puppy is only a puppy for a very short time, so let’s make the most of it and help your puppy to grow into a happy and confident adult dog.

Together we will cover:

  • building that special bond and relationship  – including communication and understanding what your puppy is saying to you
  • toilet training
  • socialisation – using all four key senses: sight, touch, smell and sound. Socialisation is the most important and crucial time for your puppy if you want a happy and healthy adult dog
  • crate training
  • handling – body inspections and vet/groomer visits
  • common puppy issues – biting, chewing, toilet training etc
  • acclimatising your puppy to the things they will encounter in their everyday life
  • integrating your puppy into your household when you already have an existing family dog
  • dependant upon your programme, we will also cover the basics for sit, down and stay and the foundations for both recall and loose lead walking.

We will discuss the key stages in your puppy’s development and how to deal with each one.

The more we can do to help your puppy in their early stages, the more chance you have of them growing into an optimistic, confident and happy adult dog.

Please click here for the different programme options and prices.  All our programmes offer ongoing support and guidance.

Because Annette is passionate about getting the right training for puppies early on, All Ears K9s is offering a  FREE – Mini Online Puppy Course which you can start right now, with the added advantage of having recorded training videos that you can keep for life.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! What are you waiting for…

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