Pre Puppy Home Visit

Pre Puppy Home Visit

We all need to feel safe and have a confidence boost when we enter a new environment, and this is especially true for a new puppy or rescue dog who is beginning life with their brand-new family. Preparation is key for anything that we want to do well in life and starting out life with your new puppy or rescue dog is no exception. Planning and preparation are the first crucial steps for any new successful puppy parent.

This essential hour-and-a-half session will go over everything you need to know before your puppy arrives home.

The “Pre Puppy Home Visit” is the crucial first step missing from many new puppy owners’ training plans. It is an important layer in building an understanding of what your puppy will need and want from you from day one. This session will help to make your life with your new puppy as easy and enjoyable as possible.

In this session, we will cover:
• breed traits and selecting the right breed for your family’s  lifestyle
• finding a reputable breeder
• the questions to ask the breeder
• what your puppy is going to need from you from day one
• setting up puppy’s “safe space”
• what “socialisation” is
• each stage of puppy’s development and what to expect
• the equipment puppy is going to need
• puppy’s first day and night

All Ears K9s can also help you “puppy-proof” your house.  Puppies are curious and will want to explore every inch of your house. This is a good thing as it helps puppy to acclimatise and feel safe – but there are things that you need to be aware of too such as keeping rubbish bins out of reach, covering trailing leads and keeping any poisonous house plants out of reach.

Contact Annette now and get prepared for that “big day” when your new little family member comes home!

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