Adolescent/Adult Dog Training – One to One Sessions

Adolescent/Adult Dog Training – One to One Sessions

Individual sessions for dogs over 6 months of age, tailored to help both you and your dog.

We will conduct an initial Zoom assessment of 90 minutes, followed by subsequent hour-long sessions.  Your training programme will be tailored to you and your dog’s individual needs. (Full Zoom support is provided free of charge, including a practice session, if required).

We will look at developing essential trained skills and behaviours to deal with daily life, for example:

  • eye contact (your dog choosing to give you their attention)
  • learning boundaries, building confidence, focus and calmness
  • recall
  • loose lead walking
  • reflex to name – instantly responding to their name
  • good manners – polite greetings, no jumping up
  • settle – an invaluable life skills for visits to cafes, pubs or restaurants

Annette is also passionate about providing activities which help to stimulate a dog’s mind, this is why All Ears K9s’ training ensures that dogs receive both the necessary mental and physical exercise which prevent unwanted behaviours and create a confident, happy dog.

For those who prefer to train at their own convenience and at their own pace, with the added advantage of training videos that can be kept for life, All Ears K9s offers an online training course, Good Dog – Level One

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