FREE – Mini Online Puppy Course


Are you feeling overwhelmed? All Ears K9s can help you with that puppy problem now and give you immediate relief.

Annette is offering a FREE  15 minute consultation and lifetime access to 10 tutorial videos which go into detail covering several different areas of raising a puppy.

The course covers:

  • the art of learning
  • understanding what puppies love
  • building up routines
  • how to prevent problem behaviours from even starting
  • introduction to harnesses
  • creating a confident and interested canine explorer
  • teaching your pup their name
  • how to do a down
  • what puppy enrichment is and how to use it in everyday life
  • teaching the initial stages of a rapid recall.

After the consultation, the online course is yours to keep and work on at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.

Annette will set up a WhatsApp group in which you can post any training videos on which you would like feedback.

Please get in contact for further details.