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ONLINE COURSES you can work through at your own pace:

FREE – Mini Online Puppy Course

Good Dog – Level One


ZOOM – The New Safe, Easy and Convenient Way to Train with your trainer

Online training has now become the new “normal” which is why I have moved all of my initial consultations to Zoom.

Moving your puppy or dog training online has so many benefits and advantages:

• You and your puppy can start training before they are fully       vaccinated, getting you both off to a head start

• There are no class distractions so your dog can concentrate on you.

• Online training is perfect for dogs who are a little unsure or anxious about the world around them.

• Training in familiar settings can lead to an increase in your dog’s confidence.

• Each Zoom session is recorded and yours to keep and play back any time you need it. This is a valuable learning resource at your fingertips and no more trying to remember everything the trainer said.

• Your whole family can participate in training, they just have to watch the recording.

• You save on travelling time.

• No standing outside in inclement weather.

• A great base for a combined training plan of both online and in person training.

To help you set up initially and reduce any “Zoom anxieties”, I offer a free practice session to help you get to grips with all the features.

Your welcome email will also include full details of how to use Zoom, for those who are unsure.

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So, what are you waiting for, book a Discovery Call with me now and let’s get training!